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Timewave is comprised of a bunch of self-funded scientists and artists... people that love making GAMES themselves can enjoy.

As an independent initiative, we have the creative freedom necessary to both innovate and improve on game mechanics, art and audio quality, without necessarily relying on loads and loads of cash. Adopting the start-up business model and the project management techniques such as SCRUM, we put credit on the "low-budget-good-game" policy.

For us, games are art.

Silent Joe

Silent Joe

Help the introspective Joe jump through nine levels in this heavily industrialized and melancholic setting.

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Can you lead the helpless castaways to safety?

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Tough Zone

Tough Zone

Blast away your enemies with your war tank in this frenetic shooter!

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Timewave Games


TimeWave Games is a young company, that thrives on game quality and polishdness. We count on graphic artists, 3D modellers, programmers, musicians, audio producers and game designers to assure us agile communication, a unified and coherent vision, and highly minimization of outsourcing costs.

Our professionals have great experience in development of games, web softwares, portals and image processing. Our target platforms include browsers (Flash, Unity 3D), Windows and Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Android and others.


As game development is an iterative process where requirements evolve with time, we use agile methodologies capable of demonstrating results periodically and consistently, such as SCRUM. This allows for anticipation of any necessary change, so objectives can be kept clear and development costs low.

Having our customers participating actively and deciding informedly what their priorities are in a project warrants that their needs can be satisfied. The methodologies use requirements survey, prototyping, regular meetings and timely deployment of builds.

Timewave Games

Who We Are

Max Benin

Max was born in Anita Garibaldi – Brazil in 1984. After moving with his family to the city of Galvão, he met the person who would influence him for the rest of his life in the universe of electronic games. This person, a friend of his father, presented to him all the magic contained in a Sega Genesis console, his first one. Since that, the only thing of which Max could think was : "I have to learn how to create games".
Graduated in Information Systems at Barddal University, Florianópolis, he taught courses in game programming in a local school of computer graphics and since 2009 he attends the course of game development at the Pontifical Catholic University of Parana state (PUC/PR), a renowned specialization course.
After knowing Rafael Kojiio (a crazy Japanese) and Tiago Brizolara (a lunatic Physicist), both his colleagues in the course of game development, Max founded Timewave, a happy place to take a beer and make high polished games (his own apartment).
Max believes in c++ as well as in zombies, one of his passions. He cares for his shotgun and his faith to be prepared for the day he will save all nations from a massive outbreak.
Seriously, he believes in zombies…

Rafael Kojiio

After a war inside the Kojima clan about some AAA game rights, some members of the noble family decided to form their own faction overseas, founding the prestigious Kojiio clan in Brazil.
The dissident clan struggled over for a few years to survive on these foreign lands, but after defeating the "Shindo Renmei" clan, they managed to grow and expand their domains in southern Brazil.
From this honorable family, comes Rafael Kojiio, which's name means "The one with the pencil and sword".
A graphical designer/artist by formation, a musician by option, and a samurai by birth, Kojiio-Sama is the first of a long lineage of game artists still to come.
One of his most impressive feats is his samurai endurance, which allows him to play a game for over a thousand hours without fear in his heart.
He's also able to use his eagle vision over any 3D model, and extract all relevant information for his texture and topological analysis.
Deadly with a Tablet, even non-wacom ones, he must now defeat his dark nemesis to obtain the Legendary Jade Tablet of the Seven Pillars, his birthright, known to turn its possessor into a god.

Tiago Brizolara

He was born in 1981, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. After beating Mega Man 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, Tiago was a great promise, but became a physicist in 2002. In 2004, got his master's degree in Medical Physics at UFSC-SC (Brazil). At that point, he enjoyed tons of C/C++ code and brazillian music.
After hanging out with some bad dudes, Tiago entered a specialization course in Digital Games Development at PUC-PR (Brazil) and with those guys, founded TimeWave Games. Nowadays, besides TimeWave, Tiago is a consultant in software development on issues related to medical physics and image processing and maintains his career as a composer and 7-string guitarrist.